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Sonetec Powers is one of Kollam’s best business ventures which started in 2013 with a mission to provide green and clean energy, situated near LM Mall, Chathannoor. We cater to different areas of green and clean energy such as solar energy and Biogas energy. We have partnered with various Government approved companies to provide them at the subsidized rates available in the market.

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How We Started Sonetec Powers


Founded Sonetec Powers

Sonetec Powers is among the Kollam's leading renewable energy solutions. Sone is Sun in German and tec represented Technology. 


First into Inverters and Electronic Choke production

Sonetec Powers started with inverters and low scale solar power projects. We started an Electronic Choke manufacturing unit with the help of Panchayath and helped many families through it.


Expansion to other sources and Handover the unit to kudumbasree

Sonetec soon expanded to other Renewable resources and waste management systems. The Electronic choke manufacturing unit was handed over to Kudumbasree. 


ANERT Approved and Suchitwa Mission certified

Sonetec was approved by ANERT and we partnered with Suchitwa Mission through Bioflame to start Govt and other Panchayat Waste management projects and Solar Power Projects.


Sonetec and KSEB

Sonetec partnered with KSEB to provide On Grid Solar Power Projects in Kerala. 


Completed 500 Solar Projects

We completed 500 Rooftop Solar projects in Kerala.


Marked 10 Years of Excellence

10 Years of Excellence in the Solar Power Generation. 

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